Fork Slippers

Designed for ease of operation with a slim profile to extend the versatility of your Lift Truck. These Slippers have been designed and manufactured in accordance with AS 2359.15. Standard finish on all type ‘FE’ Slippers is Zinc plated. Finish on all custom built Slippers is enamel painted colour Black.

Additional FEATURES:
* Supplied with Locking Pins
* Fitted with Rating Plate
* Made of High Tensile Grade Steel
* High Safe Working Load (SWL) Rating
* Supplied with Instructions

In accordance with AS2359.15 Slippers used for general usage should be no longer than 167% of the supporting Tine’s length. If the Slippers are longer than 167%, then the usage of those Slippers shall be restricted to their specified application.


Work Cages

Type: WP Work Platform

Work platforms are designed to safely carry out tasks of “short duration” and “occasional usage”, such as maintenance or stocktake.
Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359.1 the WP platform is suitable for a maximum of two people.

* 250kg Safe Working Load
* Unit Weight 115kg
* Paint Finish
* Supplied with Locking Pins

## The use of a Work Platform on a forklift truck should not be considered if the lift capacity of that forklift is less than 1825kg for a Counterbalanced type or 1095kg for a straddle type forklift.

# Optional harness anchor bracket available.


Container Access Ramps

Type: CR6 & CR8 Container Ramps

Designed primarily for bridging into a standard container from ground level, this is our most popular ramp. The CR ramp can also be used for vehicle loading from a raised dock.
The self-levelling lip allows for full load capacity when on slightly uneven ground.

* Width – 2000mm
* Length – 2000mm

Type CR6
* Capacity 6000kg
* Unit Weight 360kg

Type CR8
* Capacity 8000kg
* Unit Weight 400kg


Fork Spreaders

Type: FS2.5 Fork Spreader

Safely pick up extra wide or flexible loads without the risk of damage to products such as plasterboard, roof sheeting, timber, plaster tubing etc. The Type FS fork spreader evenly distributes the load over the length of the attachment. The slip-on attachment is secured to the lift truck by a safety chain.

* Capacity 2500kg at 600mm Load Centre
* Width 3.0m x 1.2m
* Unit Weight 225kg
* Pocket Size 160 x 60mm
* Pocket Centres 770mm


Jib Attachments
Type: FJL

The FJL (Fixed Jib Long) range of jibs enables long lifts to 3.5m with
ease and safety. With 8 lifting points from 950mm through
to 3500mm.

Available in painted or galvanized finish
Supplied with hook and shackle.

* Overall length when closed 2.1m.


Type: FJS

Type: FJS2.5 / FJS5 / SFJS7.5 / SFJS10 Fixed Jib

The FJS (Fixed Jib Short) is a general purpose jib
at an affordable price. Able to manoeuvre in a confined
space, with the ability to extend out to 2.0m. Simply slide
on to the fork tines and secure with safety chain.

Available in painted or galvanized finish.
Supplied with hook and shackle.

* Overall length when closed 1.3m.


Type: GNJ

A heavy duty carriage mounted jib offering height and manoeuvrability.


Type: SJ2

A simple slip-on jib with 2 hook positions. With the fork pockets at a wider setting, this style of jib is also well suited to forklifts with fork positioners where they may not be able to slide the fork tines close together. Supplied with safety swivel hook.


Type: TJL

The most versatile forklift jib attachment in our range, allowing
extra height to 2.3m and extension out to 3.5m.

Available in painted and galvanized finish, unit is supplied
with swivel hook.

Also available with wide pocket centres “S” series.


Type: TJS

The tilt facility allows extra height to compensate for the
hook and sling length lost when lifting with a jib attachment.

Available in painted and galvanised finish, the jib is
supplied with hook and shackle.